Say NO to autos on August 12

Say NO to autos on August 12! Tired with auto-rickshaw drivers’ dadagiri, showing their unwillingness to take passengers for a small distance and meter cheating, a movement “Meter Jam” has been started by three advertising professionals.

Called ‘Meter Jam’ the website says, “Say No to Autos and Taxis on Aug 12. Because they say ‘No’ to you whenever you want them”. The popularity of the Meter Jam campaign, which aims to get back at taxi and auto rickshaw drivers for refusing fares, has nearly trebled in the last two days. More than 12,500 citizens have pledged to boycott the use of autos and cabs on August 12, signing up on Facebook and twitter.

Abhilash Krishnan, Jaidev Rupani and Rachana Brar – the three advertising professionals who launched the campaign online five days ago – are already trying to organize volunteer carpool services for D-day.

“A number of supporters have offered to drop and pick people in their localities on Thursday. We are assessing the data area-wise to create a carpooling tool. We will need to do background checks of the car volunteers for security.” said Krishnan.

On Facebook, a number of ‘jammers’ have suggested having volunteers standing at prominent points in the city to promote the campaign on Thursday.Some have even suggested that all participants wear black.

“Autowallas overcharge, refuse to go our way, and hold the city to ransom through strikes. So why can’t we – for one day – refuse them? Pool cars, take buses. Show them they can’t take us for granted.” Rohit, techie, said, “I don’t like auto drivers. As a Bangalorean I find this basic necessity involves fighting so much. I would rather walk. I like the idea that it is we who are striking back”.

Meanwhile, taxi and auto union leaders insist that citizens are insensitive to the problems of drivers. “The campaign is politically motivated, launched by people who want to tarnish the image of drivers,” said one auto driver, who pointed out that the law permits drivers to refuse fares if they have valid reasons.

While another auto driver said. “Even if 50,000 people boycott us on August 12, our business will not be affected. So, I wish them all the best,” he added.
Join the campaign and Say NO to autos on August 12 – Meter Jam

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2 Responses to Say NO to autos on August 12

  1. Aadil says:

    I never opt for an Auto. Its only under extreme circumstances that i yell for an autowalla. I have always hated their attitude.

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